KREWELLA - The Volcano

Designed for Krewella’s “Get Wet Live” tour, this complex polygon crystal structure was brought to life with detailed drawings and a talented fabrication team. The process was an intense and successful exercise in turning a dream design into a fully functional and efficient touring production. From hand sketch to finished product, every step of the process was an exhilarating experience. Though it is now retired, the show ran for two successful tours.

Design Description:

The Volcano is a 30ft x 18ft superstructure incorporating reflection-mapped faceted crystals. The crystals are built out of a combination of one-way and two-way mirrored acrylic and were specifically designed to create contained infinite reflections. Each crystal is equipped with LED video access and/or interior LED strips, creating complex volumetric reflection effects which visually morph the structure from within.

A central arc of faceted crystal clusters make up the base of the structure, grounding it to the stage like the base of a rocky volcano. LED panels peek out of this area like lava from within. At the apex of the structure are the performers, central to the entire design. Behind them an LED screen displays visuals and custom content while the corner crystalline pieces flanking them act as explosive fragments from the mountainous volcano of crystals below. Stage lighting is dispersed throughout to reinforce the form and composition, completing the dynamic design.



  • Client: Krewella
    Artist Management: Th3rd Brain
    Production Manager: Chris Villanueva
    Tour Manager: David Carlson
    Director: Vello Virkhaus
    Producers: Andi Perez and Chris Kraft
    Production Design: Amanda Hamilton
    Animation: Tom Williams, Jesse Nikette, Carlo Sa, Mike Burakoff & Emile van de Coevering
    System Programming: Peter Sistrom, Grady Sain, Max Chang & Evan Pierre
    Lighting Programmer: Aron Altmark
    Documentation and Editing: Mathew Smith
    VJ: Max Chang
    Lighting: LMG
    LMG Account Representative: Jimmy Russo
    LMG Touring LD: Pete Smith
    LMG LED Tech: Time Holland
    Technical Engineer / Lead Fabricator: Stefano Novelli
    Fabrication Team: David Paris, Jacques
    Levy, Steven Lock, Thom Burns, Christopher Reed Powell, Scott Bella, Brady Spindel, Dana Wald
    Fabrication Coordinator: Karoline Mikkelsen
    LED Team: Illuminode (Hruby McHugh), Evan Nie
    CAD: Amanda Hamilton
    CAD Assist: Brian Lawler
    Tour Crew: Tim Hauser & Elgin Hakala