After completing a permanent projection-mapped DJ booth two years prior, Blue Moon Nightclub came back for a full redesign of video and lighting throughout the nightclub. Existing video tiles were arranged in a radial layout over the main dance floor, stemming from the geometry of the existing DJ booth and expanding outwards into the club. Lining the edges of the video tiles are 1m DreamColor LED tubes which enhance and frame the design. In the central rotunda is an elaborate orientation of LED video, 1m pixel tubes, and moving head beam lights that follow the geometric architecture overhead to light up the space in an array of effects.

On either side of the central rotunda are VIP areas containing custom fanned arrangements of LED pixel tubes that twist from the wall to ceiling, evoking a sense of movement in both their design and programmed effects. Corresponding to these corner LED sculptures are stripes of LED video and RGB blinders that wrap the adjacent walls. Each of these immersive spaces combine and relate to each other in a way that enhances the natural architecture of the club and allows the viewer to be enveloped in an environment of light and sound no matter their location in the venue.



  • Client: Ngo Ngoc Suong and Francis Couture
    Director: Vello Virkhaus
    Producer: Andi Perez
    Lighting Designer: Amanda Hamilton
    System Programming: Keith Lostracco
    Lighting Programmer: Matt Guertin
    On-Site Installation: Matt Guertin
    Construction Manager: DJ Tu
    Photography: Setrgei Ngoc